Career Options For an Electrician in Stockton CA

There are several career options available to an electrician in Stockton, CA. One of the most popular jobs is as a Journeyman Commercial Electrician, with a salary of about $95,000.

Average salary for a Journeyman Commercial Electrician

If you are an apprentice commercial electrician in Stockton CA, you can expect to make up to $52K per year. This salary is significantly more than the average Journeyman Mechanic salary in Stockton CA, which is only 3% of the average salary.

Electricians can work in many industries. Whether they are working for a large utility company or a small electrical contracting company, the salary depends on experience, skill level, and the industry in which they are working.

Linemen, also known as electricians, are responsible for repairing electrical transmission equipment. Their duties include inspecting power poles, splicing and terminating cables, and checking for damage. They also repair substations and other electrical equipment.

A line worker must undergo an apprenticeship before taking on a full-time position. The job usually takes three to four years. In addition to on-the-job training, a line worker may have to go to OSHA training and pass a safety inspection.

Apprentices in electrical construction may qualify for overtime hours. Often, this is tax-free income. However, these jobs can be difficult to obtain.

If you want to increase your earning potential, you may want to get an advanced degree. Some companies will pay you to attend school.

You can also get more out of your job by gaining additional experience. Experience is a powerful factor in increasing your salary.

Duties and responsibilities of a Journeyman Commercial Electrician

If you are searching for a journeyman commercial electrician job in Stockton CA, you have several options available to you. However, before you decide on one, you should know what you can expect in this position.

A journeyman commercial electrician will install electrical systems in commercial and industrial buildings. He may also install lighting, control systems, and mechanical systems. You will need to have a minimum of two years experience in this field.

In addition to installing equipment, the worker will also be responsible for maintaining equipment and the work site. It is essential that you follow company policies and safety programs.

Electrical apprentices will typically spend 800 hours at school and perform 8000 hours of on-the-job training before graduating. The job requires you to be physically fit to do the work and maintain approved wiring methods.

When working with electrical projects, you will be required to have a valid California license and NABCEP certifications. Furthermore, you will be expected to have a clean driving record.

Journeyman Electricians install circuits and fixtures, test and troubleshoot electrical systems, and plan maintenance procedures. They also provide training and leadership.

This job is suited for a person who has a strong desire to learn and build skills. You will work closely with customers, solve problems, and lead others.

Career opportunities for an electrician in Stockton

There are numerous career opportunities for an electrician in Stockton CA. Many of them don’t require a college degree. They also have to be licensed in California. The state also provides a wealth of professional development and on-the-job training.

The most important thing to know is that there is a lot of competition for these jobs. If you are looking to get hired, you will need to have a clean driving record, a valid California drivers license, and a high school diploma or GED. Fortunately, there are several local electrician schools that offer the necessary hands-on training.

For instance, the UEI Electrician Training Program is designed to provide you with the requisite skills to become an entry-level electrician. It’s a hybrid program that combines online learning with on-site classes. Upon completion, you will have a working knowledge of the basics of power generation and distribution, electrical theory, and safety and health.

Another program is the UEI Electrician Technician Training Program. This is a hybrid course designed to give you the tools you need to become an entry-level electrician. You will learn everything from power generation to transformers and capacitors. Upon completion, you will be prepared to work on your own, albeit in a supervised environment.

To learn more about the best training programs, check out the aforementioned site.